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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Apps not on Play Store but actually very Good

Now everyone of you are known to Hollywood Seasons like The Vampire Diaries, Big Bang Theory or Even The History Creator Game Of Thrones, Modern Family, Lost or have came across watching Hollywood Movies.
                                Now most of the people don't know How to Download It. Or in case of Seasons they use to keep on searching for the next episode for all of them a great App which is not on the Play Store and the applications name is Showbox. It allows you to stream latest movies and seasons at the same time you can download them too. You can download the apk file just by searching it on Google as - Showbox apk and just download from the first link that comes. Well a link is also provided below as well-
                                In the next blog I will be covering the advertisement problem that most cell phone users face while surfing or playing Games. Those adds that just pop up while playing a Game and annoys us.


  1. Great job bro it is appreciated..but some time few questions is arise on the certain time but *_* didn't respond yet. Am not a very wise student that why i have been​ asking at a time coz I never wanna be lose more time instead of searching enywhwre eals...pls mind it am the student of SHAQUIB ALAM and he's said stay hungry and foolish too that I obey..

  2. I'll want to answer all your questions but that requires time.
    InshaAllah if i'll find some spare time for sure I'll answer your questions.

    1. Might be you'll..but there is atmosphere required .which isn't.The best way is book hope fully I have believe on.And best teacher is Google for those students like me coz am not a wise student like any eals...... #Actually I want share and I do ...INSHAA ALLAH YOU'LL BE A SUCCESS FULL PERSON .& rich too(*_*)....

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