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Friday, 16 February 2018

Kali Linux? Hacking...!!

A few of you have asked about Kali Linux. Even if you haven't, you might have wondered about what Kali Linux is? How it can be used? Does hacker use this?
So today's blog is just for answering such questions.
So lets start
First of all let me clear to you all that we will just be talking about White Hat Hacking which is constructive and not Black Hat or Grey Hat  which is considered destructive or dangerous.
First thing to see about it is - it is just an Operating System which is a distribution of Linux. Now if you don't know what Operating System is or what Linux is? You can check the previous blog for this.
If you are working on Windows 7,8 or 10 or even different distributions of Linux like Ubuntu,Fedora,Red Hat etc on this also if you want to check the security level of any website or if you want to do Reverse Engineering- you will have to write the code by yourself and that can be very tedious. Now if you are provided with the code and just by few alterations, by adding few line of codes you get your task done- this is what offered by Kali Linux.
Kali Linus is provided with so many utilities or tools that can used for such purpose.
Here you can reduce your effort with the help of Kali Linux. So the myth that people use to have that Kali is just for hacking is all wrong.
It is simply an Operating System with a lot of utilities that can help a Hacker. There are nearly 500 to 600 utilities for these purpose. Now if you want to install it, simply you can use a dual boot or a virtual machine. I'll advice you to use a virtual machine if you want it for learning purpose.
 Oracle Virtual Box is perfect for this where you can install any number of Operating Systems and they will all run just as application. Use it till you want and then remove it.
Hope this blog would have helped you to enhance your knowledge.
Good Bye for today.
Will see you tomorrow with another blog.

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