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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Apps Not on Play Store - Part 2

Hello Everyone, lets start with today's blog. You would have already got an idea of what it's about from the title of this blog.
                                        Most of us are use to playing Games on laptops, PC's, or even mobile phones. Some of them are even addict to it including me. But that's not good, addiction of anything is bad. So I am saying to play it all day but playing in your leisure time is perfectly alright.
So while playing Games most of us are annoyed with the pop-up advertisements that just come on the screen while you are at some crucial level or you are about to play a next level. Well this can also be reduced by using an app Adguard which is also not there on Play Store. Well why play store doesn't allow such cool apps- this we will see in a separate blog. Now let's talk about today's app which by it's name only clarifies what it does. Adguard simply blocks the adds while you are surfing or even playing a Game. All you have to do is turn ON Adgurad before playing Game or surfing, You don't need to go premium with that as the trial version also works good. It doesn't blocks 100% of the adds, but still reduces it to great extent. A link is also been provided below, you can download it from here.

Well that's all for the day. Meet you tomorrow. Good Bye !!


  1. Replies
    1. From the link you can get the apk file.Meaning it is for mobile phones.