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Friday, 2 February 2018

My First Post

Well its really hard to start because I have never wrote anything before.
And this is the topic of my today's blog "Difficulty in Starting a thing that you have never done Before". Its really cool if you can portray your things to others like the work I am doing. It's really very satisfying. To follow your heart is by far the best thing one can do.  
                                                     Well I am a teacher by profession "An IT Teacher" who loves to share his views with the students and its really good when a student does that thing which the teacher himself was not able to do so.
                                                    I have no idea if anyone is going to read this blog or not but for me its like talking to myself and this makes me feel great.
I will be blogging daily because one loves to talk to himself.


  1. Well it was really appreciatble
    And my personal thought that there will be no teacher like meant u r amezing shred ur experience with us and am very glad to say am the one week student in ur class.

  2. First i wish u Good Luck
    It's nice start. I hope u will give ur best to people.