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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Operating System? Kernel? How it works?

Well yesterday we concluded with what an Operating System is?
Today we'll understand it more. In the start I mean in 1980's when computers were particularly called as Micro Computers,there was no Operating System. User need to write code in order to execute a task or even play a Game and that was also Machine Dependent- meaning a piece of code that is working on one computer does not guarantee it will work on the other.
At that time a new Operating System was developed called as CPM and then IBM thought of acquiring CPM and will use CPM for the rest of the devices that IBM will produce at that time a boy helped IBM to create an Operating System and that boy was Bill Gates. After that their journey never stopped and a series of Windows OS was released one by one and this made that boy "World's Richest Person".
Now lets think that everything was going fine, we are also happy working with Windows then from where Linux came in? Or what was the need for it? 
Now, some developers thought that Windows restricts us from a lot of stuff. What if we produce an OS of our own which is completely open and can run it wherever we want and do all those stuff that was restricted in Windows and can be done in Linux that is why its like paradise for Hackers or specifically Kali Linux. It was developed particularly by Linus Torvalds and then people kept growing as it is an Open Source.
Here we see a part that is called Kernel which is there in all the Operating Systems like - Mac OS, Linux, Unix, Windows, Android or iOS.
The most important part of an Operating System that actually works as a bridge between the hardware and software. Suppose you want to increase the volume of your device - a request must be passed to the device driver and that is all provided by the kernel too. In short you can say that the kernel is the heart of any Operating System.  
If there is any suggestion you can comment below so that I can improve in the next one.Will meet tomorrow. Good Bye !!