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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Operating System - Linux and Windows

Let's start with today's blog.
Its about what a Linux Operating System is and difference between Windows and Linux.
Firstly let me clear that Linux is just the same as the Operating System in our laptops,computers or specifically Windows 7 , 8 or 10.
Now let us clear by What an Operating System is ?
Whenever you turn on your laptop or PC you use to open Google Chrome for surfing, VLC to watch a movie or open Ms Word and seems like you have done a great job but those are just applications which specifically performs what it is supposed to, like when you have opened VLC you are going to watch a movie or listen to a song you are not going to surf on that. But there is a lot of behind the scene activities that are going on to run those applications properly and that is the OPERATING SYSTEM Now it manages the hardware/software what that application need - are all provided by the Operating System.
Now let us understand with an example -
There is a company where various employees are working. Now they are working on some specific job so they can be considered as Application Software while the complete management like if the electricity is there or not, there is water there or not, there is light at that place or not, is the windows clean or not, floor is clean or not, canteen is open or not now all these management activities are provided by the Operating System.Well its getting long today, we'll talk about the difference tomorrow and see if there is no virus in Linux ? 


  1. Commendable initiative sir....a real teacher is that who understands the problems of a student n never denies to solve it...n yesss undoubtedly u r the one of those rare teachers....thank u sir for ur support n amazing teaching....keep it up n shine like sun in it field.....