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Friday, 23 February 2018

Programming with C. Let Us See or C.. ☺☻

Programming Language | C !!

C is a procedural programming language which was developed in the year 1972 initially by Dennis Ritchie at AT and T Bell Lab. Talking about this programming language, so it was derived from previous programming languages like CPL(Combined Programming Language) and BCPL(Basic Combined Programming Language). The main idea behind its discovery, was to create a programming language to write UNIX Operating System. This is why behind the discovery of UNIX, Dennis Ritchie's name is also involved. Now as you can see a complete Operating System has been written with it- so learning it doesn't needs motivation. This is the first step for most of the developers when they think of  stepping towards becoming a programmer or even being a Hacker as it works on the core. Let's understand it with an example:-

#include<stdio.h>   //Standard Library File
#include<conio.h>  //For those who use Turbo C Compiler library file for getch()
void main()             //Main Function without which no C program can be written
printf("My First Program");  //Library Function to print anything to the console
getch();   //used to pause the output in case of Turbo

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