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Saturday, 31 March 2018

What is Cloud Storage ? Amazon Drive

Cloud Storage | Dropbox | iCloud | Google Drive
Image Courtesy: Google

Today we will be talking about cloud. Cloud that might be virtual for us but not so virtual for companies that host them on servers. Now most of the people have confusions regarding it whether the data is being stored on clouds other than massive buildings. They go on to the skies to store their stuff over the servers over there.
Well today's blog is just to discuss all there
Now let's start with its definition-
According to Wiki-
Cloud Storage is a model of data storage where the digital data is stored in logical pools. The physical storage spans multiple servers and the physical environment is typically owned and managed by a hosting company. 
Now in human terms the cloud acts as a remote place to store the stuffs.
For Example -
Take a pen drive. A pen drive has certain amount of storage, you can plug it into your computer, you can have all the files being copied into it and once the storage is full, its full. The cloud is exactly the same. You are being given a certain amount of storage, you can put on your files over there and once it is full you need to pay for that extra storage. The best thing about it is - you can access the files from anywhere on any device, making it different than physical storage like a hard drive or flash drive. You can say it's just a modern day pen drive where you can store the stuff and access it from anywhere you don't need to actually carry them.
Now for this there are certain companies but the main ones include Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive- which is my personal favorite and then iCloud Drive, OneDrive and the new Amazon Drive.
Now simply for Dropbox and Google drive you just need to go to the website, sign up over there and you will be given a free amount of storage. If you need to increase the storage you need to pay monthly or yearly. Most of the companies offer 5 GB of free storage. In case of Google drive the free amount of storage that you get is 15 GB . If you want more the next 100 GB comes for around 130 Rs per month and for 1 TB you need to pay 650 Rs.
Amazon Drive also offers a free 5 GB of storage and an additional 100 GB to its prime users for just 11.99$ per year. What will Amazon not do? They have Amazon Basics, Kindle, Alexa, Cloud Storage, A to Z product delivery.
Let's talk about iCloud, so its a different kind of storage than Dropbox and Google Drive. So what it does, it basically takes the backup of the device. Take an iPhone as example , basically it is backing up all the content of an iPhone depending on how much storage it has. You can increase the storage if the given amount is not enough.
Well it's all about the privacy, the trust you have on the company. I personally trust Google drive a lot and have all my important stuff over there. In fact iCloud had a leak of photos. Now according to Apple it was not a leak, password was the issue- well whatever that was Google Drive is far more better.
The only problem with keeping things on Cloud is you need an internet connection in order to access them. Well that is not a problem for today as we don't even remember the last day we were without an Internet Connection.

Thank You,
Will meet you soon with other tech topics.
Till then Bye !! 


  1. It's pitty good but instead of paying for some storage ,why we should make an other one then get people's​ turns to look unlimited or life long storage gadgets...but ur point of view it's better for us ..10u.will meat u in next topic in commnet if any thing else pls get back to reply me..

  2. If a person wants 100 GB of storage , he need to make 7 accounts on Google and maintain their passwords, If someone has to keep data on Dropbox or Amazon Drive he will have to create 20 accounts to have those 100 GB. And in order to create account he should be having 7 different numbers to create them. Is it logical !!
    Just Think..

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