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Monday, 26 March 2018

Facebook Data Leak | 50 million records leaked | Apology | Data breach on Android | No affect on iOS !!

Image courtesy: Google

Facebook has been collecting call records and SMS data from Android Devices for years. The data they have is very crucial. And if it would not have been important Facebook would never have invested US$19 billion to buy WhatsApp and maintain its largest data.
Well, Facebook is free and they say that it will always be- and that could be very true as they already earn enough with the data they have. And not just enough Mark Zukerberg (owner of Facebook) lies in the top ten richest persons list.
How is the data important ?
Which company in the world doesn't wants data, an organisation, a college, a school, a grocery store dealer, a company, E- Commerce companies- Flipkart, Amazon, Alibaba, Paytm Mall(mini Alibaba), Snapdeal, Myntra and not only these in fact political parties need them to target those audience that can be very helpful to them. Nearly 60% of the youth of a country is on Facebook .
Everybody wants data in order to get connected with mass number of audience and enhance their earnings. So today, data is not less than money. So we don't pay Facebook in order to use it. But we actually pay them in terms of providing our information. Till the information was limited to Name, email Id, date of birth, country - it was OK. But now they are collecting other details like- they are keeping call records, SMS of not just few days, of years. So technically Facebook knows you better than your parents, friends, or even yourself because you might have forgot someone you talked, a year ago but Facebook remembers. There are around 2 Billion people on Facebook (quarter of the world's population). And now if this data starts leaking- this is what happened a couple of days ago.
Facebook exposed data of 50 million Facebook users to a researcher at Cambridge Analytica which worked under Trump Campaign. This is really very wrong for any company to leak the personal information and if Facebook does it- its really a serious issue. Firstly they said that they kept these information just to improve their friend recommendation algorithm. But what they did at the back is now world known.

Image courtesy: Google

Well Facebook has finally accepted its mistake and a full page apology been issued in several major newspapers namely The New York Times, The Washington Post in the US, Wall Street journal in the US and many more.


  1. Facebook T&Cs are 10 pages long, Twitter Ts&Cs 14 pages, on Apps these are baked deep into the installation (few if any would bother reading).

    The problem is everything to do with these companies is "implied", e.g. that unless we abstain or opt-out (does such a thing exist any longer), that we 'agree' to everything.

    At no other point in history has it been OK to collect data "beneath the surface" would be called "unauthorized surveillance" and the police would be involved.

    In regards FB, this is just the latest of a long list, and ever growing - list of scandals. Remember FB beacon scandal as far back as 2008?

    So it is abundantly clear what CambridgeAnalytica were up to in 2015, as outlined here

    We need to start paying for things.
    We need to hold these platforms to account.
    We need to be aware, and take responsibility.
    If you don't pay, how can they be held to account?

    1. I didn't meant "beneath the surface". Those information we ourselves use to provide at the time time of creating the account.
      Yeah this is our problem that we really don't bother to read the T&C.
      The problem is why the list is still growing- this is to be stopped all at once.

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