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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Inventions of India we don't even know

Unbelievable Discoveries by Indians  

Well this blog is a tribute to all those Indians who have done exceptionally well in the field of technology but we didn't even knew them.
Well the list is here :-

  1. Ajay Bhatt- An Indian who invented USB (Universal Serial Bus).The invention of USB in itself is a very big invention. Now, I don't think it is necessary to describe What USB is? Since you all are use to it and you all have used Pen Drives. As well as the PCI slot that most of the Gamers use. Well he was in Intel when he invented it.
  2. Arun Netravali- You all have heard about HDTv. Various commercials have been made on it like "Uncle ka Tv Dabba" if it is not HD. Now this is another proud thing for us. This HDTv have been made by an Indian too by Arun Netravali. Another interesting thing about him is he has even worked with NASA and delivered lectures at MIT. Well he is an IIT from Bombay and has also worked in Bell Lab.
  3. Krishna Bharat- This person behind Google News. Well Google news collects news from different websites all over the world and presents it to you. This was also founded by an Indian.
  4. Narinder Singh Kapani- Also known as The Father of Fiber Optics. Talking about Fiber Optics,so it is by far the best transmission media where signals travel in the form of light. Also helps in building the Backbone of Internet. In fact the fast Internet that you are using has been possible because of this Fiber Optic Cable. Not only this- he also has 120 patents registered with his name. Also known by the name First Light Bender.
  5. Vinod Dham- Before these processors like corei3,corei5 and core i7, pentium processors were the most successful. And this Intel's Pentium Processor is also made by an Indian- Vinod Dham.

Well that's it for the day.
Comment if you want any amendments.
Will Meet you soon.
Good Bye !! 


  1. it's a slap on co-founder of Apple..nice job

    1. Its not about slamming anyone. In fact I am a great follower of the co-founder Steve Jobs.
      Its just Good inventions should be appreciated.
      Stay Hungry Stay Foolish☺☺

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