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Monday, 19 March 2018

Java | Facts | Developers | Set-top Box Creating Language

We all have come across the word Java and have heard about it as a programming language But never wondered to know how was it made Or What was the reason behind its discovery Or What was it called before it was named as Java?

Well today's blog is to answer all such questions.
Talking about its evolution- so it's interesting !!!
                                           Well it came in 1991 and was developed by five people from Sun Microsystems Company. These five men of Sun Microsystem were called as "Green Team". So firstly it was known by the name "Greentalk" as it was made by Green Team but later was renamed as Oak. Now, why Oak?
So, Oak is a tree which is a symbol of Strength and also the National Tree of many countries like France, USA, Germany and Romania. And since Oak was already a trademark so it was finally named to Java in 1995. Talking about the Green team, so the five men that were involved are - James Gosling, Patrick Naughton, Mike Sheridan, Chris Warth and Ed Frank.
You might have noticed it's logo it's like a Cup,a Soccer and vapor coming out of the of the Coffee inside it. So this is just because the idea of making Java came- while they were having Coffee together. The basic idea behind it was to make a programming language for small applications like set-top boxes, acrobat readers, anti viruses, games as well as, that is platform independent. According to Sun over 3 Billion devices run java that includes dIRCTC, enterprise applications, robotics, games, embedded applications etc.
esktop applications, web applications like
All I can say is an "Evergreen Programming Language" that has ruled and will keep on ruling for years.
Well that's it.
Thank You
Meet you people soon with a new blog.


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